I began offering a computer tutor service to family and friends after many years of building, breaking and fixing computer equipment. My first home ‘PC’ to speak of was the Sinclair ZX Spectrum with which you had to painfully load up programs on a tape recorder. Future generations born into a computer literate society will just not understand the frustrations of having to wait half an hour to load up a game of ‘Jetset Willy’. Today we think nothing of having a handheld device that can connect to the internet and access endless amounts of information.

Many of the clients that I assist understand the benefits of these technologies and have purchased expensive equipment only to encounter problems which they believe to be beyond their capabilities. There is a fear of damaging the equipment and a belief that technology is for the younger generation. “I wait for the grandchildren to visit” or “my son works with computers, he’ll know what to do” are comments I often hear. Rather than visit you, fix your problems and leave you to it, my aim is to empower you with knowledge so that you may not require my assistance on the next occasion.

If the answers to your problems are not immediately available, I will research the issue and provide considered opinion and assistance.

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